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ERM Consulting, Strategy Advice and Underwriting Support

Do you know that good Enterprise Risk Management practice drives a company’s valuation up by approximately 20%? Furthermore, regulators and rating agencies look very favorably at good ERM practice. And last but not least, converting new risks into tangible business is key to a strong competitive position. Megrow consulting’s services ensure that your journey towards good ERM is efficient and effective. Our approach to ERM is business oriented, looks at the upside and the downside of risk. We tailor our method to your specific needs and circumstances. We go all the way with you from detailed risk mapping to the big picture.

In addition to ERM-work, we support our clients with underwriting advice and strategy consulting. We combine our track record and experience in the insurance industry with a forward looking, business-minded attitude when working with our clients.

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ERM Consulting, Strategy Advice and Underwriting Support

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I am Reto Brosi, founder and MD of Megrow Pte Ltd. A self-proclaimed ERM-evangelist with a track record of helping clients climbing up the risk maturity ladder. My blog posts about ERM and other matters are hopefully interesting and helpful.