About Megrow

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Megrow Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore since 2015. The company is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA“) under the Company Number 201539059E.

We provide Strategy Advice, Underwriting Support and Enterprise Risk Management services to our clients. In addition, decades of experience with customers, regulators, rating agencies, boards of directors and other stakeholders are at our client’s disposal, as well.


Prior to setting up and running Megrow Pte Ltd, Reto held executive positions @Swiss Re and @Asia Capital Re Group in Hong Kong, Beijing and in Singapore. Since 2015, he is a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors. Early 2017, the Singapore Institute of Directors appointed Reto into its Risk Committee.

He looks at risk as an opportunity!

Founder and MD of Megrow Consulting
Reto Brosi, founder and MD of Megrow Consulting

Dennis has 40 years working experience with the world’s largest specialty mutual, large scale property insurer, FM Global.  Furthermore, he built a 30 years track record in global operations, executive management and board positions. He was managing FM Global’s Asian business from Singapore for ten years.

He believes resilient businesses need to recognise ‘Risks Matter’. This key insight creates competitive advantage and sustainable continuity.


Senior Advisor to Megrow
Dr. Dennis J Bessant
A few simple principles guide our work:
  1. All we do follows a simple and powerful tagline: “OUTCOMES MATTER” !
  2. We tailor our work specifically to the customer’s circumstances and needs. Customization is one of the key competitive edges.
  3. Understanding Risks Matters. Competitive advantage, resilience and sustainable continuity follow.