Advisors and Consultants

Advisors to Megrow

The company is fortunate to have some renowned industry experts as advisors to Megrow. Over time, we will introduce them here. Allows us to start the introduction with….

Dr. Dennis J Bessant

Dennis, is the former Asia Head of FM Global in Singapore. He is a recognized expert in managing large multi disciplinary teams and profitably underwriting largeĀ corporate property risks. The leadership and underwriting track record spans regionally and across the world over four decades. He isĀ familiar with all commercial property sectors ranging from institutional & infrastructure, manufacturing through to high hazard industries such as power generation, chemical & pulp/paper. Additionally, he has accumulated decades of operational experience with executive client decision makers, boards of directors and other stakeholders who own or operate corporate businesses where engineering led risk management know-how is needed. Dennis is regularly publishing in leading industry publications. See one of his recent writings here.

Dr Dennis Bessant - one of the advisors to megrow
Dr Dennis Bessant

Dennis believes that resilient businesses need to recognize “Risks Matter’. This key insight creates competitive advantage and sustainable continuity.