Megrow Consulting Customers

I’m very happy and humbled to have completed and ongoing mandates with several clients in Asia and the European Union. Below I share some work that I have done with Megrow Consulting Customers.

boards and board committees

I’ve had the chance to work with board risk committees and board underwriting committees, provide training and coaching to the committee members with respect to the benefits of ERM, the use of key risk indicators and similar topics. Furthermore, I have accompanied some companies along their credit rating “journeys”.

ERM mandates

These mandates span the entire value chain of good ERM. Some work focused on the big picture, i.e. we emphasized strategic risks and opportunities. Other engagements were all about detailed risk mapping work including the respective quantification and mitigation considerations. I always ensure that we look at the upside of risk when doing ERM work. There lies it’s great value!

Strategy and Underwriting

Underwriting Support and Strategy Advice are also part of Megrow’ s service catalogue. I have successfully advised clients on strategic expansion projects and underwriting portfolio management.

The most rewarding of it all: when a client says “thank you for your good work”. And the icing on the cake: “you have opened our views for new business opportunities”, This is as good as it gets!