what we do:

Megrow Consulting, based in Singapore, delivers high quality outcomes to its clients in four main areas:

1 making customer’s ERM-journey efficient and effective

2 providing strategy advice

3 supporting clients with their underwriting portfolio management

4 training / teaching / learning / sharing / coaching

Megrow provides Enterprise Risk Management Services, Strategy and Underwriting Advice and Training for clients in the insurance industry.

ERM is a cornerstone of our services. Simply put, good Enterprise Risk Management practice significantly drives a company’s valuation up. Furthermore, regulators and rating agencies look very favorably at good ERM practice. Additionally, a sound, yet reasonable mitigation against downside risks is key for any business. And finally, converting new risks into tangible business strengthens your competitive position.

Megrow’s consulting services ensure that your journey towards good ERM is efficient and effective. Our approach to ERM is business oriented, looks at the upside and the downside of risk. We tailor our method to your specific needs and circumstances. In addition, we go all the way with you from detailed risk mapping to the big picture.

Our track record and experience in the insurance industry complement a forward-looking and business-minded attitude when working with our clients.

who we are

Megrow was founded by Reto Brosi in 2015. The company has established itself as a trusted and highly outcome-oriented consulting company ever since.

Over the years, Reto built a network of like-minded professionals to collaborate and bring the best to Megrow’s clients. More about Megrow’s network is here.

Most importantly, Reto strongly believes in the tangible business benefits of good ERM. Consequently, he is an avid blogger and publishes regular updates on Megrow’s blog and LinkedIn.

what we have done

Megrow Consulting has completed numerous mandates with clients in Asia and the European Union. Head over to our “clients” page to find out more.


Hence, call us at +65 9811 3676 or contact Megrow via the social media buttons at the bottom of the page. We are very much looking forward to being part of your journey!