Happy Birthday Megrow!

Heading Into Year 5

Megrow Consulting has turned four. A big “THANK YOU” to all clients, business partners, advisers, service providers and supporters for another fruitful year! Time really flies. Sometimes it is hard to believe that Megrow now is in its fifth year of operation.

I am also quite humbled by the high click-rates my “Happy Birthday Megrow” post got on LinkedIn. Close to 2000 views after approximately 1 week!

Looking Back

I’m grateful to some of Megrow’s past and current customers who allow me to display their logos on our site. Head over to the client section of the site to get an impression of our past and current customers. Most notably, the list keeps getting longer every year.

The work my partners and myself have done over the past year has slightly shifted in nature compared to the previous period. ERM did remain a key activity and service. Teaching activities and a significant interim mandate as the Chief Executive of a Lloyd’s of London entity in Singapore complement the 2018/2019 palmares.

High Level Analytics of Megrow's current and past portfolio. Happy Birthday Megrow!
Happy Birthday Megrow! Diversification has improved

ERM remains an important pillar of Megrow’s deliveries. However, the past year has seen a wider diversification of mandates, notably teaching and interim management services grew significantly.

Reto Brosi, founder of Megrow Pte Ltd

The analytics above are the result of a straightforward approach, i.e. I simply counted the number of contracts per category. More accurately, I should have used “hours spent” or “outcomes”. However, for the purpose of a high level view on how the portfolio is developing, this simplified approach is good enough.

The Podcast

I have launched the Megrow Podcast early 2019 and thus far published three episodes. A podcast or more precisely a VLOG on YouTube is a good complement to the other marketing and branding activities that I undertake. You can access the latest episode via the embedded link below.

Episode 3 of the Megrow Podcast, October 2019

The podcast is slowly getting traction, I’m happy with that. Episode 4 is scripted and ready for recording. Furthermore, ideas for a few more releases are ready. Stay tuned! However, all my “shout-outs” for interviews and guest contributors haven’t born fruit yet. Maybe I need to advertise the podcast a bit more emphasizing the high “click” rate the podcasts gets on LinkedIn.

if you would like to appear on the Megrow podcast, contact me via the links at the bottom of the page!

If you like the contents, please subscribe to the channel to stay current with the latest episode.

Looking Forward

Business School teaching and common sense indicate that Megrow is at a stage of either “scale up” or “pack up”. Needless to say, the “scale up” challenge is what keeps me awake at night. From a more transactional perspective, both risk management and teaching are future-proof activities. Naturally, the contents and modes of delivery will evolve. Hence, I need and will “stay modern” in these aspects.

The more challenging consideration, however is the question “how to scale up a micro-enterprise”? Some early successes are emerging, but I’m not yet “at peace” with a more strategic and scalable approach. I’m sure the Happy Birthday Megrow! blog post in a years time will have interesting news to share.
In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on this blog and on Megrow’s YouTube channel.