LinkedIn Social Selling Index


I have been more active on LinkedIn in 2020 than ever before (does that surprise anyone?). Hence, my Social Selling Index (“SSI”) on the platform must have sky-rocketed! Full of confidence I checked the numbers late 2020 and was quite surprised (or not, actually) with the results.

A few years back, a fellow alumna from the Singapore Management University alerted me to the existence of the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn. Much to my surprise, I scored very well back in 2017. Certainly, the large number of connections I built over the years drove the high score. On the other hand, I hardly posted anything on the platform back then, so the high score did surprise me. My first post about the SSI is here.


About 12 month ago, I decided to make better use of LinkedIn. Hence, I started publishing, forwarding and commenting much more regularly. Some of my posts achieved “thousands” of views (for instance the Cyber Chat published in November 2020 ). And the views of the accompanying podcasts also showed promising numbers. Late 2020, I decided to look-up my LinkedIn SSI again, expecting – in all humbleness or naivety – a much-improved score.

Quite to my surprise, the score reported in late 2020 was roughly unchanged compared to a few years ago!! “What? How come?”, were my spontaneous reactions. Upon closer analysis, I still scored well in the “connections” section, but the other sections obviously have room for upward development. Why did my increased activity not improve my score, then?


I can think of a few contributors to this unaltered score. Admittedly, these statements are educated guesses and not “hard facts”.

  1. I reckon most LinkedIn users “post”, “like” and “share” much more now than they did a few years ago. In other words, what was “average” a few years ago, is now “sub standard” at best or even less.
  2. Secondly, my professional activities circle around risk-transfer and risk management. I do not post about “hot topics” outside of these spheres. So, I might not get the “uplift” that the LinkedIn algorithm assigns to the most “trending” topics.
  3. I also notice that posts emphasizing personal experiences do very well. All good and fine, but unless I really feel it makes sense making a post “personal”, I will not do it, even if this means I forgo clicks and likes.
  4. Furthermore, learning how to “title, link, refer and hashtag” is an ongoing process, so I strive to improve in this area as well. On a tangent, the good people from Yoast publish excellent material and plug-ins on Search Engine Optimization.
  5. I am also experimenting with the “location” of my posts. Is it better to post under the company page then link to my personal account or the other way around? No conclusive evidence thus far.


LinkedIn is a great platform; it keeps evolving and so will I in my usage of it – NEVER STAY STILL! I’ll be watching my LinkedIn SSI more closely and adjust and improve as necessary.

In the meantime, enjoy what ever you are doing & stay safe!