a schematic representation how sustenance, resilience and ERM are linked.

resilience, erm, sustenance What is RESILIENCE and how does it interlude with ERM and SUSTENANCE? There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Consequently, each entity needs to spend some quality time to define the terms. When engaging in this process, it is important to hold this conversation early to avoid confusion… Continue reading 3 Minutes ERM: RESILIENCE

ILS & the Future of the Actuary

The Actuary of 2025 Just published the most recent episode of the Megrow podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with Andreas Zell, the founder and owner of AKR Zell Consulting in Singapore. Specifically, we spoke about the future of the actuarial profession in Asia and how ILS can help to close the insurance protection gap.… Continue reading ILS & the Future of the Actuary

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3 minutes: ERM hurdles

climbing over ERM hurdles You got all the intent, ambition and ERM-skills lined up in your company: and still you are struggling to get much further than the first few hundred meters of the proverbial ERM-marathon? If that sounds familiar to your mental ears, then read on. In this post, I guide you over some… Continue reading 3 minutes: ERM hurdles

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3 minutes: CRO Skills

risk leaders – the better superheros .. the Risk Champion of an organization must be a super-hero .. Not quite, but close enough…. Actually, a strong risk leader has a capability that many superheroes lack: the CRO can deploy different key skills at different levels at different time points! The “standard” comic superheroine and -hero… Continue reading 3 minutes: CRO Skills

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3 minutes: risk appetite

Risk Appetite in a Nutshell This micro post focuses on “risk appetite” and its relations to risk bearing capacity, capital efficiency and the corresponding safety margins. a glass well used I use a glass to illustrate the total risk bearing capacity of an organization. In a first step, we set the total capacity of this… Continue reading 3 minutes: risk appetite

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we do risk register

> 1000 views of our “how to make a risk register” post on LinkedIn! Reto Brosi, MD of Megrow A few weeks back, we released a tutorial-style article/blog post on LinkedIn and got over a 1000 views already! Some readers have asked to build on the post and add more ‘practical’ content to it. So… Continue reading we do risk register

the risk register

a key building block of efficient and effective enterprise risk management synopsis This post describes how to structure and populate a good risk register. I will describe the key components, how they interlink and the recommended information requirements. the risk register – what is it? When you internet-search the term “risk register”, plenty of examples… Continue reading the risk register

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ISO 31000 and ERM

… volume and complexity of risks … increasing extensively … 2020 The State of Risk Oversight, NCS … less than 20% of organizations view their risk management process as providing important strategic advantage … 2020 The State of Risk Oversight, NCS I look at the these two NYS Poole messages with a lot of optimism.… Continue reading ISO 31000 and ERM