partnership Acacia and Megrow

I’m very happy to share that Susanna Lam, MD of Acacia Advisory Ltd and myself have agreed to establish a strategic Acacia Megrow Partnership.

This cooperation will extend our service offering by combining our experience, capabilities and track record in the industry to the benefit of our customers. We will focus on advising our clients on Enterprise Risk Management, Credit Rating Advisory, Underwriting and Strategy. Together we have several decades of experience in the re-/insurance industry covering almost the entire value chain.

You can find out more about Susanna Lam here and on LinkedIn.

You can reach us at and or via the social media buttons at the bottom of the page.

When Fictions Become a Reality

The CEO of Veromont, one of Megrow’s business partners, just released the most recent issue of the company’s newsletter. In the newsletter, Daniel Wahrenberger eloquently elaborates on the advantages of engaging Interim Managers. Read the article well before you kick off the next big project, or a leadership transition is on the agenda! Have a look at the… Continue reading When Fictions Become a Reality

ERM – The Millions of Dollars Answer

“What is the RoI on Enterprise Risk Management?”, is probably the most frequent question clients of Megrow or other stakeholders ask me when we talk about ERM. The following two points are core to my answer: Firstly, correlative studies1 have shown that companies with good ERM-practice achieve a valuation that is app 20% higher than… Continue reading ERM – The Millions of Dollars Answer

Continue Learning

Today is the big day – six modules and six papers completed and all passed, I attended the GRADUATION CEREMONY of the Singapore Institute of Directors and Singapore Management University joint “Directorship Programme”. Ms Poh Mui Hoon from the Institute and Dr. Stephen Wyatt from the University shared great insights with all the graduates and handed over the diplomas.… Continue reading Continue Learning

Risk Mapping – Velocity of Change Matters

Displaying an organisation’s risk landscape in two dimensional impact / likelihood matrices with a colour coding showing the corresponding threat level from green (“can live with it”) to red (“live threatening”) is part of the ERM gold-standard. It is intuitive, relatively easy to do, appeals to all stakeholders, ensures consistency and allows, to a certain extend, peer-comparison. In an ever-accelerating1 world… Continue reading Risk Mapping – Velocity of Change Matters

The Funny Side of It

You think you’ve seen the climax of business jargon?

Have a look at the FT’s very own Lucy Kellaway’s “Guffipedia” (here) and you will be surprised.

And just in case you come across corporate guff as well, the FT columnist encourages you to submit entries to grow the collection!


Great Event: Parima 2016

I was @PARIMA Conference in Kuala Lumpur: a great showcase of the industry’s capabilities and an inspiration for me with regards to the journey ahead of the risk management community in Asia. Have a look at the organiser’s website here.

ERM Increases Company Valuation

the benefits are measurable Enterprise Risk Management is viewed favorably by rating agencies, stock exchanges, regulators and other stakeholders – this is all good news. But some boards and CEOs remain skeptical about ERM’s value: sometimes a perception reigns that ERM is a pure cost, a governance exercise, some box-ticking event, doesn’t deliver any topline and produces nothing but a… Continue reading ERM Increases Company Valuation

The directors of Megrow Pte Ltd are happy to announce that our Managing Director, Reto Brosi, is on board since April 01. 2016.  Based in Singapore, he is very much looking forward to bringing his 20+ years experience in the insurance industry to our client’s advantage.


IMG_5465m (950)


Margaret Lim, Director of Megrow Pte Ltd, April 2016

Launch of the Board Risk Committee Guide

Boards and CEOs increasingly perceive Enterprise Risk Management as a forward looking, strategic tool. The launch of the first “Board Risk Committee Guide” in Singapore on 31.03.2016 with 280 people in attendance was a landmark event for ERM in that respect. Great presentations and panel discussions, and most important of all: strong emphasis on ERM as a business enabler.… Continue reading Launch of the Board Risk Committee Guide