Insurance and ESG: challenges and opportunities

INTRO Finally, for all the right reasons, ESG has gained the attention the topic deserves. In this post, I look at Insurance and ESG from a change management perspective. How can an insurer approach and manage the challenges and opportunities that ESG creates? If you prefer to watch a videocast of this blog, then head… Continue reading Insurance and ESG: challenges and opportunities

ERM in Hong Kong – A Practical View

part two In an earlier blogpost I wrote about setting risk appetite for insurance companies under the evolving Hong Kong ERM framework. My focus is on firms that develop their own ERM-framework. In this blogpost, I “continue” the journey to building an ERM-framework and ponder about risk mapping. Whilst occasionally making reference to Hong Kong, … Continue reading ERM in Hong Kong – A Practical View

How to ERM: Part Four, Know Your Appetite and Tolerance!

An Exiting Journey Lies Ahead – Where and How Do We Start? You have decided to implement  good ERM-practice in your firm because you believe in the value of ERM as a strategic tool – that is great news! Let’s assume that some risk mapping and some mitigation measures are in place and that these efforts are… Continue reading How to ERM: Part Four, Know Your Appetite and Tolerance!

Spreading Our Wings

expanding our network! I’m very happy to announce that my fellow director at Megrow, Margaret Lim, has been accepted by the Singapore Institute of Directors as a member. This is a another great step for our company and Margaret.  The Singapore Institute of Directors promotes the professional development of directors and corporate leaders.  The institute… Continue reading Spreading Our Wings

ERM Increases Company Valuation

the benefits are measurable Enterprise Risk Management is viewed favorably by rating agencies, stock exchanges, regulators and other stakeholders – this is all good news. But some boards and CEOs remain skeptical about ERM’s value: sometimes a perception reigns that ERM is a pure cost, a governance exercise, some box-ticking event, doesn’t deliver any topline and produces nothing but a… Continue reading ERM Increases Company Valuation