LOVE YOUR ORSA REPORT!!! This might be a controversial statement, but stay with me and hear me out! If you prefer the video version of this blog, head over to YouTube and enjoy it. Otherwise, thank you for reading on ORSA is… The ORSA report details your own assessment of how your company’s current and… Continue reading ORSA LOVE

absolutely relative

I am venturing into Einstein-ian territory by pondering whether risk is “absolute” or “relative”. I came across this question whilst preparing a lecture at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. My long-term business partner Tan, Ching Guei and I got into a debate, when we put the slides together, as to whether risk is absolute… Continue reading absolutely relative

risk appetite defined

! a good risk appetite statement is a very powerful tool !  ?? Interested ?? Then please read on or head over to LinkedIn to enjoy the contents in podcast/video format. LinkedIn recently is buzzing with articles critical about the raison d’être of risk appetite statements and risk matrices. I’m a great fan of well-gauged… Continue reading risk appetite defined

loss control & strategic enabler

Good ERM is loss control & a strategic enabler Thank you for reading this most recent post in our “ERM in 3 Minutes Knowledge Series” (previous posts here). In this blog, I reemphasize that a solid and well-run ERM framework must cover the downside and the upside aspects of uncertainty. Megrow’s clients, readers of this… Continue reading loss control & strategic enabler


a schematic representation how sustenance, resilience and ERM are linked.

resilience, erm, sustenance What is RESILIENCE and how does it interlude with ERM and SUSTENANCE? There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Consequently, each entity needs to spend some quality time to define the terms. When engaging in this process, it is important to hold this conversation early to avoid confusion… Continue reading 3 Minutes ERM: RESILIENCE

ISO 31000 and ERM

… volume and complexity of risks … increasing extensively … 2020 The State of Risk Oversight, NCS … less than 20% of organizations view their risk management process as providing important strategic advantage … 2020 The State of Risk Oversight, NCS I look at the these two NYS Poole messages with a lot of optimism.… Continue reading ISO 31000 and ERM


background I have blogged about the roll-out of the COSO ERM update back in 2017. In 2018, ISO updated their well-known risk management standard, too. Since then, I’ve spent considerable time studying and using both standards.  Hence, I now feel comfortable and confident to share my opinion about those two well-known ERM frameworks. In other words, bienvenu… Continue reading THE COSO vs ISO SHOWDOWN

The Megrow Podcast is LIVE!!!

Episodes Released I’m very pleased to announce the release of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Megrow Podcast. The Podcast is hosted on Megrow’s YouTube channel. I aptly named it the “Asia Risk and Opportunity Podcast” or “AROC” for short. Episode one is a general, introductory episode explaining the why / what / how: Episode… Continue reading The Megrow Podcast is LIVE!!!

ERM – More on the Benefits

constant dripping wears away the stone I’m constantly praising the tangible business benefits of good ERM. A number of blogposts here and on other social media are testimony to this. Until a few month ago, I felt like the proverbial “lonely prophet”. A lot of ERM-related publications had a distinctive retro- / crisis-touch to it… Continue reading ERM – More on the Benefits

COSO ERM Framework – One Year After the Update

The COSO ERM framework update COSO released a significant update of its well-known ERM-framework in late 2017. An executive summary is accessible on their website.  The ERM community, especially the “COSO-istas” most eagerly awaited the update. Additionally, the wider stakeholder community was excited to see how the new framework will benefit businesses.  I’m a fan… Continue reading COSO ERM Framework – One Year After the Update