loss control & strategic enabler

Good ERM is loss control & a strategic enabler Thank you for reading this most recent post in our “ERM in 3 Minutes Knowledge Series” (previous posts here). In this blog, I reemphasize that a solid and well-run ERM framework must cover the downside and the upside aspects of uncertainty. Megrow’s clients, readers of this… Continue reading loss control & strategic enabler

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My LinkedIn SSI

INTRO I have been more active on LinkedIn in 2020 than ever before (does that surprise anyone?). Hence, my Social Selling Index (“SSI”) on the platform must have sky-rocketed! Full of confidence I checked the numbers late 2020 and was quite surprised (or not, actually) with the results. A few years back, a fellow alumna from… Continue reading My LinkedIn SSI

ILS & the Future of the Actuary

The Actuary of 2025 Just published the most recent episode of the Megrow podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with Andreas Zell, the founder and owner of AKR Zell Consulting in Singapore. Specifically, we spoke about the future of the actuarial profession in Asia and how ILS can help to close the insurance protection gap.… Continue reading ILS & the Future of the Actuary

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3 minutes: risk appetite

Risk Appetite in a Nutshell This micro post focuses on “risk appetite” and its relations to risk bearing capacity, capital efficiency and the corresponding safety margins. a glass well used I use a glass to illustrate the total risk bearing capacity of an organization. In a first step, we set the total capacity of this… Continue reading 3 minutes: risk appetite

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Happy Birthday Megrow!

Heading Into Year 5 Megrow Consulting has turned four. A big “THANK YOU” to all clients, business partners, advisers, service providers and supporters for another fruitful year! Time really flies. Sometimes it is hard to believe that Megrow now is in its fifth year of operation. I am also quite humbled by the high click-rates… Continue reading Happy Birthday Megrow!

Megrow Podcast: Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Megrow Podcast is live ! It focuses on the tangible benefits that good ERM brings to a company. If you like to listen to the video podcast, click the embedded link below. However, if you like to read the (almost) verbatim script, just scroll down and enjoy. The Script of Episode… Continue reading Megrow Podcast: Episode 3

The Superhuman CRO

I wrote about the “ideal” CRO Superhuman almost a year ago in a blogpost. Interestingly, this topic remains an evergreen. During almost all conversations about ERM sooner or later the question about the CRO’s ideal skill set come up. the decathlete In my earlier blog, I used the “decathlete” analogy quite frequently. Whilst this analogy… Continue reading The Superhuman CRO

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COSO ERM Framework – One Year After the Update

The COSO ERM framework update COSO released a significant update of its well-known ERM-framework in late 2017. An executive summary is accessible on their website.  The ERM community, especially the “COSO-istas” most eagerly awaited the update. Additionally, the wider stakeholder community was excited to see how the new framework will benefit businesses.  I’m a fan… Continue reading COSO ERM Framework – One Year After the Update