Megrow’s Customers

I’m very pleased and humbled to have completed and ongoing mandates with several clients in Asia and the European Union. Megrow’s clients are insurance companies, reinsurance firms, brokers and other stakeholders in the risk transfer industry. Notably, some of our clients are local champions; whilst others are leading regional players and some of our customers are true ‘globals’.

Confidentiality is key to all the work. Hence, I will not divulge client-specific details of past, current and future mandates. However, fortunately some clients have kindly agreed to let us display their logos here. A big thank you!

Some of Megrow’s Clients
Completed ERM Work

Specifically, we delivered high quality work and tangible outcomes across the entire value chain of ERM. The list below highlights some of the work we have completed.

  • training and coaching of board risk committees
  • on-boarding and training of risk leaders
  • coaching of management risk committees
  • linking ERM to strategy
  • linking good ERM to improved credit rating
  • identifying business opportunities through ERM
  • health check of client’s current ERM framework
  • setting-up and implementation of entire ERM-framework
  • ORSA-report: 2nd opinion and authorship

We strongly believe in the tangible business benefits of good ERM. Hence, we write passionately about ERM-benefits in our blog.

Completed Strategy and Underwriting Work

In addition to the Enterprise Risk Management work mentioned above, Megrow also supported clients with strategy projects and underwriting-related undertakings such as:

  • strategic expansion projects (products and/or new markets)
  • portfolio management
  • implementation of underwriting control cycles
training & coaching

We are passionate about the insurance industry. Hence, sharing our knowledge and experience is the third pillar of Megrow’s services. Therfore, we are gradually building up our coaching and training offering. Crucially, we combine technical and business expertise with real life cases to make any training as “close to reality” as possible.

client’s Feedback

“a most tangible and efficient ERM-project”
“my communication with the board is much much easier now”
“we improved our bottom line”
“we understand the business benefits of ERM”
“you helped us turning slides into a story”