LOVE YOUR ORSA REPORT!!! This might be a controversial statement, but stay with me and hear me out! If you prefer the video version of this blog, head over to YouTube and enjoy it. Otherwise, thank you for reading on ORSA is… The ORSA report details your own assessment of how your company’s current and… Continue reading ORSA LOVE

absolutely relative

I am venturing into Einstein-ian territory by pondering whether risk is “absolute” or “relative”. I came across this question whilst preparing a lecture at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. My long-term business partner Tan, Ching Guei and I got into a debate, when we put the slides together, as to whether risk is absolute… Continue reading absolutely relative

risk appetite defined

! a good risk appetite statement is a very powerful tool !  ?? Interested ?? Then please read on or head over to LinkedIn to enjoy the contents in podcast/video format. LinkedIn recently is buzzing with articles critical about the raison d’être of risk appetite statements and risk matrices. I’m a great fan of well-gauged… Continue reading risk appetite defined

quant rules qual

A GOOD RISK REGISTER NEEDS NUMBERS! Megrow podcast, episode 21 Quantifying risks, i.e. making a tangible, quantified statement about the expected severity and likelihood is difficult. I raved about the topic previously. Organisations often resort to a combination of the following approaches: qualitative statements, such as “severe” or “negligible” or “possible” risk matrixes plotting each… Continue reading quant rules qual

a risk register needs numbers

NUMBERS MATTER A LOT Organizations often spend great efforts in Enterprise Risk Management. Risk register, risk governance, risk reporting … all is there. Occasionally though, one very important aspect of effective ERM, appropriate risk quantification doesn’t quite get the attention it needs. A risk register needs numbers! In one of the most popular blogposts that… Continue reading a risk register needs numbers

the master ERM receipe

THE ONE AND ONLY ERM RECIPE YOU EVER NEED A while back, I spent an intense day with post-graduate students at the Nanyang Business School in Singapore. We talked a lot about embedding ERM into strategy and business planning.  Towards the end of the day, we shared a summary slide. Much to my surprise, this slide caused an intense photo-snapping frenzy. Obviously,… Continue reading the master ERM receipe

erm enables esg

how good ERM enables your ERM strategy I pick up the proverbial trail from our April blogpost trying to make a connection between ESG and ERM. Specifically, I outline a set-up in which ERM enables ESG. WHAT IS ESG? ESG finally is getting the attention the topic deserves. The concept was developed a few decades… Continue reading erm enables esg

the risk register

a key building block of efficient and effective enterprise risk management synopsis This post describes how to structure and populate a good risk register. I will describe the key components, how they interlink and the recommended information requirements. the risk register – what is it? When you internet-search the term “risk register”, plenty of examples… Continue reading the risk register

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Megrow Podcast: Episode 5

“The Making Of” Several listeners have asked me to talk about the technicalities of podcasting. This blogpost summaries my approach of preparing, recording, editing and publishing the Megrow podcast. As a general rule, I strive to combine a decent quality outcome with the use of relatively modest hard- and software. Note though: many roads lead… Continue reading Megrow Podcast: Episode 5